Sunday, 19 February 2012

FREE BOOK FIND: Avenue of Death by Akash Bansal

The Kindle edition of Avenue of Death by Akash Bansal is currently FREE for download over at Amazon!  Why not download this intriguing tale of terror while it's still free?

University of Stanmore’s grand and Gothic structure was intimidating, and so were its uniquely and incomprehensibly built underground territory. This was how Samantha Jones viewed the basements during a tedious tour of its surroundings on her very first day at Stanmore. But little she knew then; they were to mark an unalterable dent in her life, and all of it was to begin from her very first night at her hostel, The Estelor for Girls .

When Samantha’s life entangles with the mysterious haunting of Stanmore, the course of her time at the university is forced towards a more deadly outcome, leaving her naked to a series of frightful revelations and meeting few who could help her.

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