Thursday, 9 February 2012

BOOK OF THE DAY: DEAD WORLD by Sebastiene Elston

by Sebastiene Elston

The ghosts of England have begun to kill the living....

Amber comes home from university to be with her father after he suffers a series of heart attacks.

A strange "virus" is sweeping through England, but one night, Amber watches helplessly as a ghost kills her neighbor, and she realizes there is no virus. The government is lying. The fragile economy is collapsing as more and more people get sick, or die. Her parents are near bankruptcy, and Amber's only hope seems to be an eccentric Scotsman who can do nothing but offer her a dangerous job.

Then Amber realizes there is a bigger problem. It isn't just the living who are being attacked. One ghost destroys another ghost right in front of her. Will her father's soul be destroyed if he dies?

Sebastiene Elston's worldwide killer ghost series, Dead World, continues this summer with the release of the next book in the series: Dominion.
Also, look for Sebastiene Elston's new Intense Series starting this March. A strange powder is falling from the sky. Everyone younger or older than 18 is unconscious. And for those who are awake, all of their senses and everything they feel is more intense.
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