Wednesday, 22 February 2012

$0.99 Book Find: Vacation of Fear by J.G. Wilson

TODAY, the Kindle edition of Vacation of Fear by J.G. Wilson is just 99 cents over on Amazon.  For those of you who relish the teenage vampire romance genre, this book is a real find!

17-year-old Melody Miller did not want to hit the beach during Spring Break with her cousin Valery. That's because all Valery does is party -- all day and all night.

Armed with a fake ID, Valery hits the Sea Witch Nightclub, and the trouble she finds sends Melody on a journey of horror. 

Can Melody save Valery from the vampire that abducted her? And who should she trust to guide her to the creature's lair--the vampire hunter Max who used her as bait or the hot vampire Colton that saved her life?

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