Thursday, 28 May 2015

99 CENT BOOK FIND: Shattered Reality by Brenda Perlin

Available for JUST 99 CENTS is Shattered Reality (Brooklyn and Bo Chronicles: Book One) Second Edition by Brenda Perlin (Click for UK, Australia, Canada or India purchase). Why not grab a copy now?

When Brooklyn meets Bo, their lives are instantly turned upside down.

Brooklyn and Bo, each unhappily married to someone else, have to decide whether to stay with their spouses or give up everything for each other. Find out what Brooklyn's husband and Bo's soon-to-be ex-wife do to break them up.

Shattered Reality is the first book in a three part series that follows the main character, Brooklyn throughout her childhood, adult life and then what seems like an “endless” journey towards redemption.

99 CENT BOOK FIND: An Order of Coffee and Tears by Brian Spangler

Available for JUST 99 CENTS is An Order of Coffee and Tears by Brian Spangler (Click for UK, Australia, Canada or India purchase).  Why not grab a copy today?

A New Contemporary Women's Fiction
Approximately 66,000 Words, 280 Pages.

Angela's Diner has the reputation of a safe haven where patrons find a moment of peace as they linger over coffee and tears. For one young runaway, Angela's is more than a place to tell your tale -- it's a place where with the magic of chicken and waffles, and a little bit of trust, may just save your life.

Gabriella Santiago used to be a typical teenager who enjoyed the usual teenage things. That is until a single tragic day ended who she was and within hours she ran from home, never to look back.

Only when Gabby is cold, hungry and at her lowest, does she find Angela's Diner. Gabby embraces her new life and the family she has found in the midst of strangers and obscurity.

Acceptance is what she craves, but before long, Gabby realizes she's not the only one in the diner with something to hide. Her new family has a secret too, and some secrets refuse to stay buried.

FREE BOOK FIND: Hold On! by Peter Darley

FREE to download TODAY is Hold On!  by Peter Darley (Click for UK, Australia, Canada or India purchase).  Why not grab a copy now?

When Carringby Industries, a government-contracted arms manufacturer, is raided by what appear to be terrorists, the CEO’s secretary, Belinda Reese, is rescued by Brandon Drake, a dashing young AWOL soldier. Using an experimental test aircraft, he flees with her to his remote, isolated cabin in the mountains of Aspen.

While assisting in the design of military weaponry, Brandon discovered a plot within his own government to attack its own facilities, under the guidance of immoral politician, Senator Garrison Treadwell. Belinda’s body was not found among the dead at Carringby Industries, and Treadwell suspects that Drake was responsible for rescuing her. In an effort to entrap him, Treadwell arranges for an all points bulletin to be placed on Belinda.

Deeply in love, Brandon and Belinda attempt to escape from America, only to endure one harrowing experience after another as they try to evade and expose Treadwell’s corrupt faction.

But on the run, with danger around every corner, Brandon makes a discovery so devastating that it shatters the very foundations of his reality.

FREE BOOK FIND: Inheritance by John O'Riley

FREE to download TODAY is Inheritance (Wizards of Seattle Book 1) by John O'Riley (Click for UK , Australia, Canada or India download).  Why not download a copy before it goes back to full price?

Jason wonders if his luck has finally turned around when he discovers he will inherit a luxurious home infused with ancient magic and a sizable fortune from a relative he’d never known existed. Of course, there’s a catch. His younger brother and his cousin will inherit equal parts of the inheritance and it is stipulated in the will that they must live together first before they gain possession of the estate. All three of them are potential White Knights with the rare ability to practice advanced white magic. They must learn to use their new power and defend themselves from a secret organization that is armed with potent, black magic. This novella is the first installment of the Wizards of Seattle series.

INDIE NEW RELEASE: Superpowered by James Schannep

Available as an INDIE NEW RELEASE is SUPERPOWERED (Click Your Poison) by James Schannep  (Click for UK , Australia, Canada or India purchase).  Why not grab a copy NOW?

3 Unique Storylines. Over 50 Possible Endings. Just one question... Will YOU Be a Hero or a Villain?

You know the superhero fantasy. What would life be like if you had superhuman abilities? But really, given the choice, would you save the world or conquer it? In SUPERPOWERED, the choice is yours.

After a bizarre experiment leaves you with one of three superpowers (play the book multiple times to explore all three!), you must ally with or confront the other two test subjects while the fate of Mercury City--nay, the world!--hangs in the balance.

Live your own interactive comic book adventure and Get SUPERPOWERED!

99 CENT BOOK FIND: Dark Secrets Cottage by Geoffrey Slight

Available for JUST 99 CENTS is Dark Secrets Cottage (A Paranormal Mystery)  by Geoffrey Slight (Click for UKAustraliaCanada  or India purchase).  Why not grab a copy before it goes back to full price?

GHOSTLY, terrifying visitors shatter the peace of Simon Turner on his first night in an old country cottage he's inherited through his great-uncle's last will and testament. 

Suddenly awoken in the pitch dark, he witnesses a violent struggle between the unearthly spectres, curses fly and a strange young woman tells him the cottage holds secrets that he must discover.

The encounter leaves him frightened and confused. He is gripped in the cottage's spell, compelled to learn what is driving this occult activity.

With the help of a new found friend, Anna Reynolds, a local newspaper reporter, together they begin to unravel a series of grim events that took place in the property. It leads to a shattering revelation for Simon, exposing his family's horrifying past, lurking in the depths of Dark Secrets Cottage

FREE BOOK FIND: Post-Human Series Books 1-4 by David Simpson

FREE to download TODAY is Post-Human Series Books 1-4 by David Simpson (Click for UKAustraliaCanada or India purchase).  Why not grab a copy before it goes back to full price?

This collection of the first 4 books of the Post-Human Series tells the epic and fast-paced story of the future of humanity and the extraordinary benefits—and profound dangers—of powerful artificial intelligence.

FREE BOOK FIND: A Hope Revealed by Karen Baney

FREE to download TODAY is A Hope Revealed (Prescott Pioneers #4)  by Karen Baney (Click for UK, Australia, Canada or India download).  Why not grab a copy now?

Prescott Pioneers Series #4 - sequel to A Life Restored
Christian Historical Romance set in the Arizona Territory in 1866.

Pain. Disappointment. Fear.

Life turned out differently than Mary Colter expected. With her abusive husband either missing or dead, and the ranch gone, she is left to raise her two children on her own. When a neighbor takes compassion on her, she finds her hope ignited--perhaps she can start over on her brother-in-law's ranch in Arizona.

Warren Cahill is confronted with one problem after another in his new role as foreman of Colter Ranch. Missing cattle and hot-headed cowhands take most of his attention. When Mary arrives at the ranch, tensions rise and he finds himself in the middle of it.

Will Mary's hope for a life free from abuse finally be realized? Can Warren move beyond his past to embrace a new hope?

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

99 CENT BOOK FIND: The Moon Dwellers by David Estes

Available for JUST 99 CENTS is The Moon Dwellers (The Dwellers Saga)  by David Estes (Click for UK, Australia, Canada or India purchase).  Why not download a copy before it goes back to full price?

In a desperate attempt to escape destruction decades earlier, humankind was forced underground, into the depths of the earth, creating a new society called the Tri-Realms.

17-year-old Adele, a member of the middle-class moon dwellers, is unjustly sentenced to life in prison deep underground.

When a war breaks out within the Tri-Realms, Adele must escape from prison and seek to uncover her parents' true past, armed with only a wicked roundhouse kick and two fists that have been well-trained for combat by her father.

In her world someone must die.

FREE BOOK FIND: Lodestone by Wendy Scott

FREE to download TODAY is Lodestone: (Witch-Hunt) by Wendy Scott (Click for UK, Australia, Canada or India download).  Why not grab a copy before it goes back to full price?


There’s a cauldron of trouble brewing in Valloaria…

Download Lodestone today and strap on your broomstick –you’re in for a hell of a ride: The Witch-Hunt Series.

Two tales entwine (excerpts below). 

Sabrina and Lauren’s tales entwine – linked by blood and magic. Sabrina, a newly fledged healer, is thrust out of her sheltered life at Mistress Florisah’s healing school after the destruction of the witch-ancestor portraits. An anti-witchcraft militia is poised on Karthalon’s borders threatening full scale genocide, unless Sabrina, the last of Lauren’s bloodline, can destroy the Lodestone, and restore magic to Valloaria, but the Lodestone is buried deep within the heart of the Order’s headquarters. Sabrina struggles to accept this suicide mission, and is distracted by her inappropriate affection for Micah, a prospect monk. Lauren’s ghost haunts Sabrina’s dreams as her diary reveals the tragic events behind Lauren’s actions. With invasion imminent, Sabrina embarks on her quest armed only with a sliver of the Lodestone, and Lauren’s diary but how can a lone girl prevail against an army?
Contains adult themes.

Bonus material:
An excerpt of Ferrasium, Book 1: The Windflowers Trilogy is included at the conclusion of Lodestone. 

FREE BOOK FIND: Fire & Ice (Icefire Trilogy) by Patty Jensen

FREE to download TODAY is Fire & Ice (Icefire Trilogy) by Patty Jensen (Click for UKAustraliaCanada  or India purchase).  Why not download a copy before it goes back to full price?

Deep under the City of Glass in the frozen southern land, an age-old machine called the Heart of the City radiates a power which locals call icefire. Most citizens are immune to it, but a few, always born with physical disabilities, can bend it to their will. For fifty years, the ruling Eagle Knights, who fly on the back of giant birds, have killed these Imperfects, fearing the return of the old royal family, who used icefire to cut out people's hearts, turning them into ghostly servitors.

The old king's grandson Tandor only sees the good things icefire brought: power and technology now forgotten while the people of the south live in dire poverty. He's had enough of seeing his fellow kinsfolk slaughtered by ignorant Knights, of Imperfect babies being abandoned on the ice floes to be eaten by wild animals. His grandfather's diary tells him how to increase the beat of the Heart the first step to making the land glorious once more. Arrogant as he is, he sets the machine in motion. All he needs is an army of Imperfect servitors to control the resulting power.

Isandor is Imperfect, an ex-Knight apprentice, betrayed by his best friend and running for his life.

The queen Jevaithi is Imperfect, living like a prisoner amidst leering Knights, surviving only because the common people would rebel if their beloved queen were harmed.

Both are young and desperate and should be grateful that Tandor wants to rescue them from their hopeless situations. Or so he thinks. The youngsters, however, have no inclination to become heartless ghosts, but while they defy Tandor, the Heart beats, and he alone cannot control its power.

BARGAIN BOOK : In the Shadows by Katie Welsby

Now available as a BARGAIN BOOK is In the Shadows (The Blaisdell Chronicles Book 1) by Katie Welsby (Click for UK , Australia, Canada or India purchase).  Why not grab a copy TODAY?

When the love of her past-life turns up, things hot up for Lucy Blaisdell. Trouble is, which of the feuding pair offers genuine romance, and which is just out for revenge? There’s also the small matter of a witch to contend with – or is it a gentler magic the mysterious Ellen offers with her overtures of friendship?

It’s easy to fall for Alex Craven’s good looks and witty charm, but it’s Nathan Harlow’s dark and brooding, almost rude manner, that teenager Lucy can’t help but find herself being drawn to. To make things even messier, there’s no love lost between Nathan and Alex, and their history seems to go back a long way…

Right back to a dark past-life in the Napoleonic era, if Lucy’s increasingly strange and seductive dreams are to be believed.

When the past catches up with them, disaster strikes, and Lucy must learn the truth about her past-life before history repeats itself.


FREE BOOK FIND: Crimzon and Clover V by M.R. Mathias

FREE to download TODAY is Crimzon and Clover V - Killer of Giants (Crimzon and Clover Short Story Series) by M.R. Mathias (Click for UK, Australia, Canada or India Purchase).  Why not grab a copy now?

As with all the Crimzon and Clover tales, this is a short story of about 25 standard book pages.

In this episode, Crimzon and Clover have settled in the mountains of Kar, where King Amothy rules the men, and tribes of savage Karsithian giants roam the peaks. To enlarge their hoard our beloved dragon and his rider have started taking sacks of kingdom jewels for odd jobs here and there. Jobs such as searching out lost trade ships and keeping the Karsithian fighters from harassing the good people of the realm. Things get out of hand after some dwarven miners in Crimzon's employ are killed for digging to near a Karsithian tomb. To make matters worse some strange ghastly thing has started killing the mountain fae and taking over the minds of the Kar.

Crimzon's anger, and Clover's wit will be pitted against teams of giant warriors, and a creature that just might prove to be too much for them to handle.

99 CENT BOOK FIND: Jack And The Giant Killer by Christopher Greyson

Available for JUST 99 CENTS is JACK AND THE GIANT KILLER by Christopher Greyson (Click for UK , Australia, Canada or India purchase).  Why not grab a copy before it goes back to full price?

Rogue hero Jack Stratton is back in another action-packed, thrilling adventure. While recovering from a gunshot wound and the loss of his job on the police force, Jack’s romance with feisty Replacement continues to develop. When Replacement gets a seemingly harmless private investigation job—locate the owner of a lost dog—Jack begrudgingly assists. Little do they know it will place them both into the crosshairs of a merciless serial killer.

• #1 Top-Rated – Serial Killers • Top 10 Best-Seller – Thrillers Pulp • Top 10 Best-Seller – Mystery Noir

This stand-alone novel features leading man Jack Stratton. Look for other books in the Jack Stratton Collection including Girl Jacked, Jack Knifed, Jacks are Wild, and now Jack and the Giant Killer. They can be read in any order, however they are best experienced in sequence.

Christopher Greyson delivers again. His no nonsense-style coupled with laugh-out-loud humor, sizzling romance, and page-turning action will leave you wanting more. Please go to and sign up for free giveaways and updates on new book releases.

BARGAIN BOOK: All American by Dominic Perrone

We are happy to announce as a BARGAIN BOOK: All American by Dominic Perrone (Click for UK , Australia, Canada or India purchase).  Why not grab a copy today?

Marshall ruled high school football. One unforgivable shot ended his career and devastated the lives of those around him. Now, the events of September 11 provide a chance for redemption.

Marshall’s journey takes him to the Pakistan-Afghan border region with an old friend and a nemesis from his high school playing days. Will he find peace in his journey to track down the world’s most wanted terrorist? At the same time, those whose lives he shattered renew their quest for answers and to pick up the pieces to move on.

NEW RELEASE : Building Blocks of Recovery by Sandra L. Kozlowski

We are happy to announce as a NEW RELEASE and BARGAIN BOOK: Building Blocks of Recovery by Sandra L. Kozlowski (Click for UK , Australia, Canada or India purchase).  Why not grab a copy today?

This book is delightful for all of the senses, the delightful quotes help you to walk through the 7 Levels of the Building Blocks of Recovery with love and joy. Filled with information for your healing, shopping lists, affirmations, and recipes, you will find this book to be a close friend and an excellent resource to take with you on your journey to wellness. You will want to return to its pages again and again. May your healing be your joy.

In this special publication, I have brought together all of my experience and training for your wholeness. Within this book I put so much in it for you such as:
Explanations of how all the different philosophies work together to strengthen your walk: Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, personality development theory, the Chakras and the 12 Steps.
Nutrition and recipes generously loaned to us from Christina Pirello of
Essential Oils
Clarifying questions
Crystals and Gems
Yoga poses

We will do all of this beautiful work in 7 levels. You will see that within the seven levels of the Building Blocks of Recovery will help you to learn to focus and refocus your life back to a place of wholeness as you experience life on life's terms!

I am so honored that you will allow me to share your journey with you.